Dr. Richard Jefferys



Rick currently works on conceptual design and modelling of a pumped heat energy storage system at Edinburgh University. Prior to his work in Edinburgh, Rick worked on a wide range of novel and renewable energy technologies, notably energy storage, and evaluated numerous energy and water related startups as potential investments at ConocoPhillips. Early in his tenure at Conoco, Rick focused on floating structure modelling, design and projects, developed a method to evaluate real options in gas contracts.  He subsequently transitioned to focusing on renewable energy, carbon capture and GHG policy, and initiated the development of a hydraulic transmission for wind turbines, a technology ultimately bought and built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  Before Conoco, Rick worked on wave and tidal power R&D at Marchwood Labs (CEGB) and moved to University College London to investigate Tension Leg Platform dynamics, lecturing on control and naval architecture.  Richard graduated from Cambridge University in Engineering, where he also received a Ph.D in wave energy.