Gary Dirks


Gary Dirks is director of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University (ASU) and director of LightWorks, which pulls together ASU’s light-inspired research in renewable energy fields, including artificial photosynthesis, biofuels, and next-generation photovoltaics. He is also the Julie Wrigley Chair of Sustainable Practices, a professor of practice in the School of Sustainability, and a Distinguished Sustainability Scientist. Before joining ASU, Gary was president of BP Asia-Pacific and president of BP China. In China, he grew BP from an operation with fewer than 30 employees and no revenue to more than 1,300 employees and revenues of about $4 billion in 2008. He served on the boards of the India Council for Sustainable Development, the U.S. China Center for Sustainable Development, and the China Business Council for Sustainable Development. Gary received China’s “Friendship Award” in 2003 and an honorary CMG (Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George) from the United Kingdom in 2005. In December 2008, he was recognized by the People’s Daily as one of the 10 most influential multinational company leaders of the last 30 years of China’s economic development.