Ashley Finan

Practice Leader, Nuclear

Ashley Finan currently serves as co-director of CATF’s Energy Innovation Project. In this role she contributes to project strategy development, coordinates studies on energy innovation policy and advanced energy technology and participates in developing and implementing strategies that facilitate innovative energy technology commercialization. In addition, she leads CATF’s work developing and supporting the Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA).

Ashley earned her Ph.D. in Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT. Her doctoral work focused on energy innovation investment and policy optimization, both in nuclear and renewable energy technologies. She has played a key role in studies of the use of advanced nuclear energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in several applications, including hydrogen production, coal to liquids processes, and oil production methods. Ashley has worked as a strategy and engineering consultant, primarily on nuclear energy applications. She also contributed to an analysis of the techno-economic potential of energy efficiency improvements in the residential and commercial sectors and several related topics. Ashley holds an SB degree in Physics as well as SB and SM degrees in Nuclear Science and Engineering from MIT.